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Why Indians Will Never Take Away Your Jobs?
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India is a very big and great nation in terms of its history and demography. In the recent past and before India was looted by traders and invaders from outside to an extent that India lost all its drive and impression. India gained freedom in 1947 from colonisers by identifying its core values of self dependence, using its own resources and using its own indigenous technologies. In this process, India has become a store house of talent and solutions again as it was known before for ages. Now these days Swami Ram Dev Ji Maharaj has become a symbol of self-reliant Innovative India, who has shown the world how you can heal or control nearly any disease with the breathing exercises. This is really incredible as research and drugs worth trillions of dollars could not cure most of the diseases but a Yogi could demonstrate it freely with the pariticipation of millions of people from India and abroad. An incredible example of open source public research indeed.
Indians are known for their enterprising ability. Many Indian farmers having land less than one third of a hectare have shown others the way of prosperity and they earn more than reputed scientists. Many mechanics in India do not know how to write but have many patents to their credit & earn more than President of India. Many Farmers Have Developed More Seed Varieties Than Any Reputed University in the World.
As you travel in India, you wonder why India is poor when its people are so rich. They have so much to offer to world in terms of not only spiritualism but materialism also. It My Not Be Good Idea To Look Indian As Job Grabbers, They Are Indeed Job Creators For The World. Ask Indians How to Develop Their Farms, Their Houses, Their Temples, Their Streets, Their Boats, Their Congregations As Tourists' Attractions. Indians are nowhere near developed countries in their organisational ability but they are best at their personal abilities. Millions here sleep on roads, work on roads, eat on roads and die on roads. They do not aspire for a good home. This may be a far fetched idea that they will take away your job.
Again look at the ingenuity of an Indian  farmer who made his own buffalo to eat scientifally proven health hazard BT Cotton for 3 months just to verify the claims of some farmers in India and he observed that the genetically modified (GM) seed of BT Cotton which has already been shown to cause serious health problems and death in animals and humans, reduced the milk yield, fat content and seriously undermined reproductive ability of his buffalo. This fact could not be shown by scientists of reputed institutes after spending millions of dollars for over a decade who designed the experiment in such a way and  restricted it to such a short duration that the differences were blurred technically.
Another Indian nearly single handedly brought down Union Carbide (having branches and production facilities all over world), the chemical industry giant of USA known for its deliberate experiment of genocides on people worldwide. 
Indians are not to be feared for taking away your jobs but they should be helped in their right endeavours which give the right and cheap solutions to the world dying under of heaps of money and obesity but without any solution to poverty, hunger, disease, violence and greed.
Author of the above article:
Sudhir Kumar Kaura
The author is a biotechnologist and geneticist who can be contacted by email at lokvaani 'AT' (replace 'AT' by @)
Phone: 00911662229163 (from outside India), 01662229163 (from Inside India)
Cell Phone: 009354172987 (from outside India), 09354172987 (from Inside India)
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